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Criteo is driving me crazy

Criteo is following me all over different websites. Have you ever experience browsing the web and notice that ads are showing exactly the products that you have been looking for the past two weeks. First it’s nice, but it will drive you nuts if you see these ads everywhere.

First I will explain what Criteo is. Criteo is an banner ad server that specialises in personalised retargeting. Which means they are analyzing the visitor journey and serve personalized banners.

For example:
1) Go to
2) And then to Telegraaf

On the telegraph websites you will see a Wehkamp ad. If you don’t see the ad, try to refresh the website a couple of times.

Criteo allows the advertiser to find previous website visitors across the internet and display relevant banners to drive them back to the website to complete their transaction. It’s provides dynamic personalized banners. This means they’re targeting specific audience (only potential customers). According to case studies shows that Criteo CTR’s (Click Trough Rate) are 4x higher than other retargeted and standard banners.

Personally, I get rather irritated by the adverts, as if I want something I will think about it anyway. I have noticed sold out products or products that I have already bought being retargeting to me. This is huge disadvantage of this product.

If you don’t want to be retarget by Criteo, then click on tiny “I” in the corner and opt out Criteo.

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Road trip Eastern Europe

It’s been a while I wrote a blog post. My latest already for months ago. In this time a lot of things happened. Just after the world cup I went with some friends for a road trip through Eastern Europe. The numbers of country / cities were a lot. It’s almost to much to write down:

  • Berlin
  • Dresden
  • Praha
  • Budapest
  • Bratislava
  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Munchen
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg

That’s quite a list for a two and half weeks holiday…We traveled by car, because we want have totally freedom instead of sticking on planning. First we thought we would only stay for 2 days in Budapest, but everyone was so excited that we extend our stay by 2 extra days.

In a short summary we had a lot of fun during our trip. I think we had get closer to each other and especially I could know more about a special person, but this I will keep it to my self….although there’s a lot of people knows already what I mean. Wanna know?? Just aks….and I will think about to tell you…Sigh…

Posted 11 years, 11 months ago at 9:15 pm.

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WK Onder Werk

It’s almost time for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Of course this year we will be the Winner of this tournament and as usual we will cheer our National Team. But there is one problem…The first game will be Monday 13.30! Oops…I have to work, but I want to see the game!!! Not everyone is able to take a day off. Luckily there are enough employers arrange big screens to watch the game. These employers realize the will create extra loyalty from the employees.

Unfortunately there are also some employers doesn’t do anything at all and this UNACCEPTABLE! Because of this “WK Onder Werk” have start a website. The purpose of this website is to convince all the employers to accept that employees can watch the World Cup game!

Please visit WK Onder Werk and help everyone who wants to see the World Cup!

Posted 12 years, 3 months ago at 7:55 pm.

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Heineken Pletterpet – World Cup gadget

Heineken chooses again for a hat as World Cup gadget. This time it’s the “Pletterpet“.

Short after the launch the Germans make their own variant of the “Pletterflet“. Watch en enjoy!

Posted 12 years, 4 months ago at 12:12 pm.

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Will Zynga take FarmVille off Facebook?

Update: “Facebook and Zynga has signed a contract for 5 years”.

Zynga, the founder of FarmVille wants to terminate the contract with Facebook. FarmVille has 82 million users, but Zynga says that Facebook is charging to much for each transaction.

Facebook wants a long term agree with Zynga for FarmVille. During negotiation Facebook punish Zynga, such as shutting off notifications for FarmVille and other games, and Facebook has threatened, say multiple sources, to simply shut some of Zynga’s games down permanently. But the frustration come from the Facebook credits. Facebook credits is the only payment that Zynga and other application can use. Facebook takes a massive fee – 30% – for Credits, and the big publishers like Zynga see it as little more than a protection racket.

Zynga has already taken steps to distance itself from Facebook in the event of a breakup, such as launching FarmVille at And they have been extra aggressive about trying to get users’ email addresses so that they can communicate with them off of Facebook.
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Dutch Telegraph calls Ruben

A young Dutch boy who was the only survivor of the Libyan plane crash in which 103 people died had been returning from a safari holiday with his parents and brother. Rescuers found the 9 year old Ruben Van Assouw still strapped in his seat and breathing in an area of desert sand strewn with the plane’s debris.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry asked all the media and people to gaurd the boy’s and the familiy privacy. But somehow the Dutch newspaper (Telegraaf) managed to contact him trough a phone call to one of the hospital staff. The newspaper published the whole story on their website. Short after the publication there was a huge discussion about the publicity of Telegraph. Have the Telegraph cross the privacy line? In my opinion they do. What were they thinking? Just let Ruben heal from his injuries and his emotional feelings. He is already suffering a lot. Not only the Telegraph have cross the line, but also the hospital staff make a big mistake. Continue Reading…

Posted 12 years, 4 months ago at 4:08 pm.

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