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Dutch Telegraph calls Ruben

A young Dutch boy who was the only survivor of the Libyan plane crash in which 103 people died had been returning from a safari holiday with his parents and brother. Rescuers found the 9 year old Ruben Van Assouw still strapped in his seat and breathing in an area of desert sand strewn with the plane’s debris.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry asked all the media and people to gaurd the boy’s and the familiy privacy. But somehow the Dutch newspaper (Telegraaf) managed to contact him trough a phone call to one of the hospital staff. The newspaper published the whole story on their website. Short after the publication there was a huge discussion about the publicity of Telegraph. Have the Telegraph cross the privacy line? In my opinion they do. What were they thinking? Just let Ruben heal from his injuries and his emotional feelings. He is already suffering a lot. Not only the Telegraph have cross the line, but also the hospital staff make a big mistake.

Just after the news publicity the Twitter account @Telegraafboycot begun a campaign to boycott the Telegraph. They say “Unfollow @Telegraaf and Follow @Telegraafboycot if you agree the Telegraph was not ethically justifiable”. In no time @Telegraafboycot had more then 5000 followers. The Twitter account was quite a time down. The speculation was that Telegraph has claimed that @Telegraafboycot had use their Brand name, because the Telegraaf is a registered Trademark. In other hand the there also some speculation that @Telegraafboycot was a spam account. This could be also a reason why Twitter stopped the Twitter account.

Social Media

This is perfect example how big Social Media is. The impact and the speed which the news was spread. Short after this was huge commotion on line. Not only on Twitter, but also on Forum’s and all kind of websites. Wouldn’t it be better for Telegraph acknowledge their mistake and remove the publication? Besides losing 1000 followers on Twitter in a couple hours, insiders says that the newspaper lost a lot of subscribers!

Have the Telegraph cross the line?

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