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Innovative Apartment in Hong Kong

What will you do where space is a luxury? Gary Chang, a talented architect from Hong Kong, have turned his incredible 344 square foot apartment into a futuristic sliding wall system that creates up to 24 different room combinations.

The wall units, which are suspended from steel tracks bolted into the ceiling, seem to float an inch above the reflective black granite floor. As they are shifted around, the apartment becomes all manner of spaces — kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room, a lounge with a hammock, an enclosed dining area and a wet bar.

Even Green Planet visit his apartment. They made video and it is truly four minutes of wow:

The key idea is that everyone could look into their home more carefully and into how better to optimise their resources, because space is a resource. There is no use making your home as if it is a perfect show flat but at the same time never using the space.

Just truly amazing, with our population ever increasing, he could design many homes, giving people comfort, without taking up too much of the earth’s valuable resources. Small and compact sometimes really is beautiful. Though I think I would struggle with living like this because because I am so untidy.

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