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Will Zynga take FarmVille off Facebook?

Update: “Facebook and Zynga has signed a contract for 5 years”.

Zynga, the founder of FarmVille wants to terminate the contract with Facebook. FarmVille has 82 million users, but Zynga says that Facebook is charging to much for each transaction.

Facebook wants a long term agree with Zynga for FarmVille. During negotiation Facebook punish Zynga, such as shutting off notifications for FarmVille and other games, and Facebook has threatened, say multiple sources, to simply shut some of Zynga’s games down permanently. But the frustration come from the Facebook credits. Facebook credits is the only payment that Zynga and other application can use. Facebook takes a massive fee – 30% – for Credits, and the big publishers like Zynga see it as little more than a protection racket.

Zynga has already taken steps to distance itself from Facebook in the event of a breakup, such as launching FarmVille at And they have been extra aggressive about trying to get users’ email addresses so that they can communicate with them off of Facebook.

I will be happy if Zynga distance itself from Facebook. This means for that I won’t receive any FarmVille notifications any more!!! Will this happen soon? “It could be tomorrow, it could be in six months,” says one source.

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