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Criteo is driving me crazy

Criteo is following me all over different websites. Have you ever experience browsing the web and notice that ads are showing exactly the products that you have been looking for the past two weeks. First it’s nice, but it will drive you nuts if you see these ads everywhere.

First I will explain what Criteo is. Criteo is an banner ad server that specialises in personalised retargeting. Which means they are analyzing the visitor journey and serve personalized banners.

For example:
1) Go to
2) And then to Telegraaf

On the telegraph websites you will see a Wehkamp ad. If you don’t see the ad, try to refresh the website a couple of times.

Criteo allows the advertiser to find previous website visitors across the internet and display relevant banners to drive them back to the website to complete their transaction. It’s provides dynamic personalized banners. This means they’re targeting specific audience (only potential customers). According to case studies shows that Criteo CTR’s (Click Trough Rate) are 4x higher than other retargeted and standard banners.

Personally, I get rather irritated by the adverts, as if I want something I will think about it anyway. I have noticed sold out products or products that I have already bought being retargeting to me. This is huge disadvantage of this product.

If you don’t want to be retarget by Criteo, then click on tiny “I” in the corner and opt out Criteo.

Posted 6 years, 10 months ago.

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Landing page optimization

All landing pages have only one goal, the visitor needs to convert. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sale, lead or what kind of action it is. Every page on your website is a landing page, but in this article I will just write about the landing pages for online campaigns, such as PPC, Banners and etc.

Most landing pages doesn’t have the same structure as your main website. I hope I’m right, otherwise you could misunderstanding the purpose of a landing page.

Google AdWords will give every keyword in a campaign a quality score. There are several factors that have influence in the quality score of the keyword. One of those factors is the quality of the landing page. Does the keyword match with your landing page. When Google AdWords gives you a score 9 out 10 doesn’t mean your landing page is good. The quality score from the landing page is just a small factor in the quality score of the keyword, so don’t rely your decision on the quality score of Google AdWords.

Here you will find a few tips to create the ultimate landing page: Continue Reading…

Posted 7 years, 9 months ago.

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