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Landing page optimization

All landing pages have only one goal, the visitor needs to convert. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sale, lead or what kind of action it is. Every page on your website is a landing page, but in this article I will just write about the landing pages for online campaigns, such as PPC, Banners and etc.

Most landing pages doesn’t have the same structure as your main website. I hope I’m right, otherwise you could misunderstanding the purpose of a landing page.

Google AdWords will give every keyword in a campaign a quality score. There are several factors that have influence in the quality score of the keyword. One of those factors is the quality of the landing page. Does the keyword match with your landing page. When Google AdWords gives you a score 9 out 10 doesn’t mean your landing page is good. The quality score from the landing page is just a small factor in the quality score of the keyword, so don’t rely your decision on the quality score of Google AdWords.

Here you will find a few tips to create the ultimate landing page:

Give the visitor what you have promised

When your ad title “All MP3 – 30% discount” is, make sure your landing pages have this content. Nothing is more irritating when you click on an ad and the website don’t show you the right information. Visitors are become lacier and lacier. Visitors will scan your website in a few seconds and when they can’t find the right information, they will go to your competitors.

Sending traffic to a MP3 page without the 30% discount will create a big lose of your visitors. Make sure you sent the right traffic to right landing page, otherwise it’s waste of your money.

Don’t let your visitor think

one-wayDon’t forget the traffic is coming from a Google ad, banner or etc. All the ads / banners don’t have much text. The visitor clicked on the ad / banner because there was the visitor triggered by something in your ad / banner. If a can leave your landing page if you overload them with a lot of information. Try to use only the necessary things to make a clear landing page. Don’t let your visitor what the next step is. The best way is to push your visitor further in the funnel (Call to Action). Avoid using off-pages links on your landing pages. Off-pages links gives the visitor the change to leave the funnel. Use a pop-up or launch a new browser when needed to provide the visitor details or supplemental decision information.

  • Of course there are always exceptions like campaigns from the governments (Most government campaigns have a goal to inform all the visitors).
  • Try to eliminate all elements that may distract the visitor eye path from flow to object. Every element on a landing page has to work in concern toward to same goal.
  • Make sure your landing page load quickly. Optimize your essential graphics to reduce the file size and load time.
  • You should make your input as easy as possible. Don’t create a big input forms. Try to auto-populate any fields if you can. Make your visitor can you the tab to navigate in your form. Only ask for the necessary information.

Try to segment your visitors

Serve what your visitors want. When you know what your visitor is looking for, you can serve him the right content.

For example:
Most visitors will land on your main page of your website. A big part of those visitors come directly to your website, but there is also group visitors that came from an ad or banner. A visitor is searching for a limited edition MP3 in Google. The visitor click on your ad and the visitor will land on your main website. When you know that a visitor is looking for a limited edition MP3, why not sending him to landing page with the correct content. Segment your visitors will decrease the bounce rate and increase your conversion rate.

Straight to the point

Everything must be clear for the visitor. Do not distract the visitors with other things like other sales, video’s or etc. Be sure that all the important information is above the fold.

Testing your landing page

To create the ultimate landing page you need to do an A/B or multivariate test in order to create the most valuable landing page for your company. Use visual element (size, motion, position, color, shape and photo’s) to test. Don’t guess, test it all and you will find the ultimate landing page what works best for you.

These are the basics to create the most valuable landing page for your company. If you have any questions, you can post a comment or fee free to contact me.

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